A 20 year old self-diagnosed television addict with a habit of tripping through life and falling in love with celebrities who will never know of her existence, Ashley is a college student majoring in theatre in spite of how irresponsible that may be.

She lives with a 60 year old roommate who- by sheer coincidence- happens to be her grandmother, also known as 'Nana.' They wile away the hours amusing each other with terrible puns and by telling each other stories that have been told before.

They have three dogs: one which is dearly loved, one which is only fondly regarded, and one which is hated with fervor. The dogs have no idea.

A manx cat called Mao also lives in the house. She is generally regarded as useless but amusing. She is honored for her hatred of men.

Ashley has been given many nicknames from Ashum to Mystery and doesn't particularly mind what you call her. She would prefer, however, that you not call her Ashley.